To see which albums we already clicked to receive an email.

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    Gabriel Lacerda
    Level 2

    Title say’s it all, this could be a good addendum. Or we already have it? D:


    Level S

    That’s a good idea. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do. I’ll look into it


    Level 3

    Yes, good idea! I vote for this :)


    Level 6

    Anyway to opt out of these alerts? I’m referring more to albums I report as leaked. Obviously I know they leaked because I reported them, the additional email seems excessive. Even for albums I upload I get a notice when they leak, unless I can click to not receive them. just curious.


    feelgoodlost [Moderator]
    Level 5

    I second this idea.


    Level 1

    i woul find it much more Usefull if there would be a messaging system build into this site. I want to know about leaks when i visit this site and not when i want to check my Email. Chances are i forget about it when i check my email at work or something and not beeing interrested at the moment. I would rather receive a notification to my account on this website. That should be even easier then the email tzhing, i guess. Would be nice if you added this ass an alternative.


    Level 6

    Solid suggestion SLY. At the moment try this: but the site admin are aware and will do their best.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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