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    In reply to: @happyface posted an update in the group R@DIO So, what do you guys think is the best 2014 album so far? I think “ULTRAVIOLENCE” by Lana Del Rey or “1000 Forms of Fear” by Sia. View

    @happyface I’ve gotta give a +1 to Sia’s “1000 Forms of Fear”.

  • [articletop]Initial reactions to one of the most anticipated albums of 2014[/articletop]
    Lana Del rey: ULTRAVIOLENCE

    Yesterday one of the most anticipated albums of the year leaked, Lana Del Rey’s follow-up to Born to Die. With over a billion YouTube views, a multi platinum selling record, followers from both the indie and pop mainstream scene – All while being highly controversial, with the never ending story as to who Lana Del Rey really is  – Expectations were high. While most of us have only had a day to spend listening to Ultraviolence, I’ve sorted out a few comments and initial reactions from the net. While no one knows how the album will stand the test of time just yet, it is a record which isn’t afraid of taking risks. And its getting mixed reviews because of it.



    “Glad she didn’t do Born to die 2.” – sgossard


    “[…]just because the songs are sad does not make them bad or even slow. Yes the record is not up beat like much of “Born To Die” but it is much more emotive because of that. It truly shows Lana’s ability to change her style continuously […]” – Has it Leaked member snfriedman


    [articleex]Way overproduced, lots of small ideas turned into songs that are longer than the ideas warrant[/articleex]


    “in regards to this album… it has some pretty good songs but some generic as fuck ones too. i didn’t like the Born to Die album much and this one is definitely a step in the right direction. 6.8/10 tho” –  ReverendGreen18


    “[…] in this album, i think she has put a lot of effort to make in her way, making it sound more like the a.k.a. album, but mixed with the born to die influences […]” – Has it Leaked member @carneebatatas


    “Disappointing release, I think. Way overproduced, lots of small ideas turned into songs that are longer than the ideas warrant. Old Money is good because it’s stripped back, and The Other Woman does what she does best and sounds like it’s right out of the sixties or something. West Coast does some interesting stuff instrumentally, but the lyrics are a flop. This LP is almost completely bereft of anything interesting or tactful.” – ObviouslyJesus


    [articleex]Not so many breakout songs as the last EP and album, but it flows much better, sounds better, and is much more consistent[/articleex]


    The one thing about Lana though is her razor sharp lyrics. With songs like “Guns N Roses” and “Fucked My Way To The Top”, it’s easy to see why she is portrayed as a bad girl. But, it is on beautiful, orchestral, heartfelt tracks like “Black Beauty” and “ULTRAVIOLENCE” in which she truly shines.” – Has it Leaked member @happyface



    @Hasitleakedsite mixed

    — Tomáš Jerga (@Withree_) June 11, 2014



    “I love how all her songs can be interpreted four ways:

    1) Autobiographical, satirical.
    2) Autobiographical, earnest.
    3) Fictional, satirical.
    4) Fictional, earnest.

    I fervently believe she is smart enough to mean all four options, but even if not they still work on every level, and she plays it deadpan enough to make it really powerful. Not so many breakout songs as the last EP and album (after the first few listens), but it flows much better, sounds better, and is much more consistent.” – Pythagoron


    “If this gets p4k best new music I will quit the internet.” – guitaristsb


    Written by Staffan Ulmert. Published 2014/06/12. More articles.

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    @happyface Forget about idiots posting idiotic comments about your Mariah mistake.

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