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Jordan Knight and Nick Carter share quite a bit in common.

In New Kids On The Block, Jordan garnered a Grammy Award, accumulated sales of over 90 million records worldwide, and sold out stadiums everywhere before enjoying a career as a gold-selling solo artist followed by a seismic reunion with his band mates.

With Backstreet Boys, Nick achieved Grammy Award nominations and global sales of over 130 million albums before embarking on his own gold-certified solo foray and another banner chapter alongside his group. Their backgrounds certainly mirror each other, but they intersect closest when it comes to making music. That’s why their full-length debut as a duo immediately captivates.

“We’re on the same wavelength,” affirms Jordan. “We’re both doing this for fun. It’s an experiment without any boundaries. When you let yourself have that freedom, ideas arrive quickly. We trust each other and the process. That’s what we both really love about working together.”

"We think the same way," continues Nick. "That's what is really cool about this. We balance each other out very well. We trust each other, and that's the foundation for everything."

The two first met in 1994, when Backstreet Boys were in a Florida studio recording their debut. However, 1997 saw the pair collaborate musically for the very first time. As Nick helped his younger brother Aaron in the studio, Jordan was working down the hall.

He popped by to say hello, and he ended up penning a song with Nick. They’d team up again on 2011’s sold out NKTOBSB U.S. tour and chart-topping album, and they officially began discussing doing a solo tour together.

“We both had solo albums out, and we talked about doing a tour,” Jordan recalls. “It was an idea we kept discussing, and it was in the back of both of our minds. In 2012, I was taking a plane to get ready for the European leg of NKOTBSB, and I thought it would be cool to do something musically with Nick. As soon as I got there, he told me that he had the same idea! It was destiny.”

"This isn't just a one-off project," asserts Nick. "This is an actual career move for both of us. We're doing something together that we want to be successful. By teaming up, we can create something special that hasn't been done in a while."

Finally, in January 2014, Nick and Jordan retreated to a Los Angeles studio to begin recording music together. In a short time, they wrote and recorded their entire first album. The music itself encompasses R&B grooves, hip-hop bounce, rock ‘n’ roll energy, and distinctly pop infectiousness, making for a dynamic and diverse debut.

“We touched every genre we wanted to,” says Jordan. “When we were teenagers and we sang a good song, it touched a lot of people. We learned firsthand that the song is everything. That mentally is naturally in us because we experienced at such a young age. We carried that over to this project.”

"There's definitely a funky rhythmic vibe to the music," adds Nick. "I come from the pop rock world, and Jordan has got the sexy R&B thing going on. He brings that to the table. I bring my vibe to the table. This is us."

You can hear it on the kinetic energy of “Take Me Home”. It instantly takes off on Nick’s recognizable tone.

“I thought it would be a great song for him because he can sing in that higher range,”

Jordan goes on. “It’s about finding true love and fighting for it. You’re going back home to your true love.”

Nick elaborates, "I love power singers like Steve Perry. Those are the guys I grew up on. When I sing a ballad, it's my forte. This was my chance to really belt out!"

Elsewhere on the album, “Déjà Vu” employs a jazz-y beat merged between an R&B shake. Jordan continues, “To me, it discusses getting back with our fans. Here we are again. We’re back on stage, and you’re back in the audience. This is a fun and wonderful romance that keeps happening over and over. We continually see all the familiar faces, and I love that.”

Meanwhile, “Just The Two Of Us” elegantly bounces from old school flavor punctuated by guitar, bass, and horns to a soaring hook. “There’s a double entendre,” reveals Jordan. “It’s about hanging out with your girl and feeling like you’re meant for each other.”

Nick says, "There's that twist there in the title. It's about us doing this together too."Ultimately, they’re making history as the first two boy band members to forge a union like this. That’s what will resound the most with the legions of fans worldwide.

Jordan concludes, “I’d love for people to say I’m incredibly surprised at the result that they thought about doing this idea and they pulled it off and created something a little different.”

Nick leaves off, "This opens up a door for us. It's like nothing we've done before. We've got a chance to do something different and new. That's the coolest thing about it."

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One More Time

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One More Time

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Track list (iTunes):


1. One More Time
2. Nobody Better
3. Switch
4. Drive My Car
5. Take Me Home
6. Deja Vu
7. If You Want It
8. Paper
9. Just the Two of Us
10. Halfway There

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