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The genuinely genre-defying Kayo Dot have announced a new album, Blasphemy, due September 6 via Prophecy Productions (pre-order). It was co-produced by the band’s own Toby Driver and the very talented Randall Dunn. No song is out yet, but the band released a 30-second album teaser which seems to suggest Blasphemy will have more of the synthy sounds of Plastic House on Base of Sky. The album description reads:

Kayo Dot’s new album, “Blasphemy,” is once again based on an allegorical story by Jason Byron. It explores greed, especially politically, and surrounds three characters on their search for treasures; only to be destroyed by the very treasure they sought – a sleeping girl with terrible power named Blasphemy. Produced by Randall Dunn (who helmed Kayo Dot’s “Hubardo,” “Coyote,” and “Blue Lambency Downward”), “Blasphemy” is Kayo Dot’s most forthright statement ever – directly confronting the world at-hand, foregoing the encouraged escapism found ubiquitously throughout the rest of their catalogue, and embracing the perspective a band in such a rare position as this can bring – much more energetic than the ebb and flow of 2003’s “Choirs Of The Eyes”, a more straight-ahead rock album than “Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue” (2006) that channels the playfulness of 2010’s “Coyote.” Pulling from elements of black metal, jazz, pop and Driver’s own wild sonic concoctions, Kayo Dot is constantly evolving.

Track list:


1. Ocean Cumulonimbus
2. The Something Opal
3. Lost Souls on Lonesome's Way
4. Vanishing Act in Blinding Gray
5. Turbine, Hook, and Haul
6. Midnight Mystic Rise and Fall
7. An Eye for a Lie
8. Blasphemy: A Prophecy


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Blasphemy: A Prophecy

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Turbine, Hook, and Haul

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