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After releasing a 62-minute single, entitled "@@@@@" on February 2020, the Venezuelan record producer, songwriter, singer, mixing engineer, performance artist and DJ Alejandra Ghersi (a.k.a. Arca) shared the first details of "KiCK i", her fourth LP, in an interview with Garage Magazine. According to the interview, the record features guest appearances from Rosalía and Björk.

"There was a clear intention [on the album] to allow every self to express itself. Not to decide how much air time each self would get, but to allow for modulation between them in a spontaneous way," Ghersi said of the record. There's no word yet on release date, label or tracklist, but it will open with a track called “Nonbinary”.

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@@@@@ (Official Visual)

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Ahead of even an announcement of the release date, Arca's upcoming album leaked on soulseek. There's no cover art yet, but we know the features with the likes of Bjök, Rosalía, SOPHIE and Shygirl.

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Track list:


01 Nonbinary
02 Time
03 Mequetrefe
04 Riquiqui
05 Calor
06 Afterwards (feat. Björk)
07 Watch (feat. Shygirl)
08 KLK (feat. Rosalía)
09 Rip the Slit
10 La Chiqui (feat. SOPHIE)
11 Machote
12 No Queda Nada

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