Scheduled 2012 releases

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    Tokyo Police Club
    Crystal Castles

    Where are they! Others I know have been in the works but I really hate it when bands mention 2012 and summer or spring releases, we’re in the fall now. Think any of these will really be 2012 releases or winter 2013?

    Jin Reyes
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    Because Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, I don’t think someone can post every album that will be released for a certain year on that site, especially for indie bands. I too am looking for a site that features every album released and will be released but sadly I can’t find anything that satisfies this yet.

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    I hear MGMT is due to release a self-titled album this year too. Yay for Crystal Castles and Ratatat though!

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    MGMT is releasing another record? I hope it is better than Congratulations. I was sorely disappointed by that one.

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