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Animal Collective frontman Avey Tare has hinted towards his sophomore full length solo album "Eucalyptus". The news was discovered from a puzzle sent to a fan addressed from Domino Records. When put together, the puzzle revealed the possible album title and tracklist. If true, this will be Avey Tare's first new solo album since 2010's "Down Here". Avery Tare's Slasher Flicks put out their debut album in 2014 and the last Animal Collective album was 2016's "Painting With". "Eucalyptus" also features orchestration from Eyvind Kang, vocals from Angel Deradoorian and Jessika Kenney, and pedal steel by Susan Alcorn.

Track list (Not in Order):


“Lunch Out Of Order Pt 1″
“Lunch Out Of Order Pt 2″
“Jackson 5″
“Dr Aw One For J”
“Right Side Of The Box”
“In Pieces”
“Selection Of A Place”
“Boat Race”
“Coral Lords”
“Sports In July”
“When You Left Me”
“Season High”
“Melody Unfair”
“Ms. Secret”

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