• Yesterday our official @hasitleaked Twitter account was suspended. Liam Gallagher’s management decided to report a tweet about his solo album leaking, and Twitter’s DMCA rules are pretty straight forward as it […]


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    While we’re nowhere close to rounding up the year, this might be my favorite album cover of the year, so far. I […]


    Not kidding about the guacamole thing.
    I want my kids to ask for my secret recipe before I die so it can be passed on.#GuacForLeaks
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    Asking for recipes on […]

  • This is your site admin reporting! While me and the rest of the team finish up Has it Leaked 2 (yes, it’s on its way) I wanted to give you all an update on our social channels. Yes, it’s called social media kids – And I think its here to stay. I’m not going to force you to like, follow, press, click or do whatever. But some of our social accounts are pretty useful, and we just updated them.

    Just a few hours ago Twitter were kind enough to let us get a hold of our correct username on Twitter, so we are now officially @Hasitleaked which is pretty nice. And we’ve added a new account, for those only wanting leak news on their Twitter feed. Let’s summarize:


    [articleex]It’s called social media – And it’s here to stay[/articleex]


    hasitleaked on Twitter tweets out:

    Album announcements
    Album leaks
    Music news stories (Max 5 per day)
    Has it Leaked announcements
    This is basically our main social channel. We even highlight trending albums, and are able to, in some cases, predict leaks ;)


    ithasleaked on Twitter tweets out:

    Album leaks, only. This is for those who prefer few tweets.


    Our Tumblr adds:

    Album announcements
    Albums being reported as leaked
    Album covers and official audio streams

    Our Facebook adds:

    Music news
    Has it Leaked announcements

    This is not by choice. Facebook stopped us from posting leak updates and album announcements.


    Our Google+ page adds:

    Album announcements
    Albums leaks
    Music news


    Our Instagram account

    I don’t think you should follow this account if you want actual news ;)
    It’s basically me just adding whatever.
    Hey! They can’t all be winners?


    Our RSS feeds is going to get updated when the new site launches, if you’re using our leak RSS feed it will stop working soon. We will update with all new RSS URLs when the new site launches.

    And finally. Registering an account is the easiest way. There’s a lot of people on our social channels, not realizing – We send you an email when your favorite album has leaked. It’s very simple. We never spam you guys, you get the news you want and soon we’ll launch a new Has it Leaked which is the very definition of being bad ass and useful at the same time. #Badassuseful.

    Written by Staffan Ulmert. Published 2014/07/21. More articles.

  • hello Has It Leaked, i am a somewhat amateur filmmaker and i am an avid user and contributor to this website. i have been a member for nearly two years and nearly 1,000 points. But one thing is missing from this website, a video promoting it and describing its purpose and the ins and outs of the website. I was recently in a twitter conversation…[Read more]