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    Finally got hold of the new Avenged Sevenfold album early hours of this morning and I’m blown away.
    It seems to draw on Metallica – Black Album influences for certain songs, elements of Megadeth and a bit of Iron Maiden thrown in for good measure.
    Saying that you can tell it’s A7X and Matt’s voice sounds awesome right through the album combined with Syn and Zacky providing some fucking tasty riffs to bounce to.

    Currently on my second full run through – sat at my desk at work and air drumming and air guitaring along with This Means War :)

    Edgar Poe
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    What’s your personal favorite from this album? Granted its been out for a little bit, I’m sure you’ve listened to it all.

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    Only song I enjoyed on this album was Hail To The King. In my opinion, Avenged Sevenfold got too soft.

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    although i like the album, its just not the same with the new drummer, but they did some good compensating with guitar riffs

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    Honestly, there isn’t a good song on this album. It saddens me. :(

    Andrew K
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    I like the drums in Shepherd of Fire believe it or not. I like Hail To The King a little bit, not too much. Doing Time has a great opening but gets only sort of decent halfway. This Means War has a nice guitar melody but otherwise a bit boring. Crimson Day is a pretty boring song, I dislike it greatly. Coming Home is a so-so song, although it has good guitars in it. Heretic is a decent song. Requiem is a good song, I like it. Planets is the best song off the album in my opinion. Acid Rain is a very good ballad/blues type of song. St. James is good.

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    There are some decent songs, but I too was underwhelmed for the most part. From what I’ve heard, they were going for the “Black Album” feel. The drummer apparently was originally writing more like their older stuff, but they decided that he should dumb it down, much like Bob Rock had Lars do on the Black Album.

    I really only like one full album by Avenged. The rest have songs here and there that are amazing mind you. And I did see them live (with Mike Portnay) and they were incredible. I would go see them again for sure.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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